Guacamole – the Mexican dip

Guacamole is one of the easiest Mexican specialties to make, which can serve as a perfect dip or even an excellent appetizer! All you need for it is some tortilla chips, toast or any other kind of bread.


In Mexico, wherever we ate (I won’t use the term restaurant on purpose) we asked for a portion of this divine dip that we usually consumed as appetizer. In fact, we didn’t only ask for it at eateries, we also made it in our rooms for dinner, for breakfast…  Honestly, I’ve never been to this green thingy before, but since I’ve realised how easy it is to make and how delicious this course it, I became a real fan of it. It can be easily prepared by those who don’t particularly like to cook as it is super easy and fast to prepare. You only need to slice and mix. A few minutes and this delicious dip is ready.


6 smaller avocados (soft ones)

1/2  lime juice

1 red onion

1 bigger tomato

1 bunch of fresh coriander

Salt and 


The avocados are cut to half, the seeds are removed. The avocados’ inside is gauged by a spoon and placed in a bowl. With a fork we break the avocado (do not use a shredder or mixer!) Mix it with half of a lime juice to give it a very tasty flavour and avoid it going brown.

Cut the tomatoes and red onions into very tiny pieces,  chop the coriander, and then roll all of it into the avocado cream. Season the dip with salt and pepper and serve immediately.


Many say that tomatoes don’t below into guacamole, some even state that onions or coriander should be skipped. I think all of the above ingredients should be part of a good quacamole, Just based on the dips we tasted in Mexico. And we tasted everywhere we sat down to eat. So this is how we like it and prepare it!

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